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  • This Eagle Bell Hanger is made from High Quality US Steel and comes with one 1/2" split ring to secure the bell and a 5/16" Stainless Steel button head bolt with one nylock nut to ensure your bell hanger is 100% secure on your motorcycle.
  • The Eagle Bell hanger is 3-1/3" from top to bottom and 2-3/4" wide adding more style and personalization to your motorcycle making you stand out from the crowd!
  • Most bells are hung by simply tying the bell to the frame of the motorcycle resulting in the bell falling off down the road. This bell hanger makes your bell more secure without limiting its abilty to chime and hang in style!
  • Custom designs available upon request! We offer fully customized bell hangers to add your own personalized style! Messages us for details!

Realistic Eagle Bell Hanger with bell option

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